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2010 Winter Essentials from Convenient Gadgets

 2010 Winter Essentials from Convenient Gadgets

Okay well maybe these gadgets aren't "essential" but if you live somewhere where the weather gets down right freezing like we do then they'll sure come in handy. As always, you need one yourself and they make great gifts. 

So let's get you through the the day. First thing you need in morning is to know just how cold it's going to be so you can dress accordingly. For that we have the Jumbo Weather Clock. It's got a wireless sensor that you can put outside so you get the real outside temperature. It will give you one of five icons to show you the days forecast and it's also Atomic which means you don't have to remember to turn your clocks ahead or back, or set them when the power goes out and comes back on, it does all that by itself!


Alright, you've rolled out of bed after hitting the snooze alarm like 4 times. You're ready for work and you need a few things before you head out the door. The first thing you need, your coffee. And you want to keep it warm for the ride to work so put it in the USB and 12V Heated Mug.This mug will get you from your house to your car to you desk without your coffee getting cold. It's got one plug for your car and one for your computer along with a spill-proof lid (a good idea for both the  car and the office). 


Now that you've got your coffee you need just a couple more things before you head out. One thing you need is the Headphone Beanie. Not only will it keep your head and ears warm, it will let you listen to your music while it's doing it. 


And finally, the last thing you need before you head off to work or the hockey game or football game this winter, Wonder Warmers. Wonder Warmers are a personal favorite of mine. They're like those little packets you would buy and when you open them they get real hot and you stick them in your jacket pockets to keep your hands warm. But these are way better. With those packets they're only good once and you have to throw them out but Wonder Warmers can be used as many as 100 times. Yep, 100 times. After each use you just boil them in water for about 10 minutes and they are good as new. You simply have to try these, they are amazing.


Alright, we finally got you in the car and you've driven to work. All warm and cozy and comfortable. The only problem? It's raining and of course they make you park like a mile from the entrance to work. Well that's no problem. Just grab your Samurai Umbrella out of the car and Ninja your way into the office. Now your warm, cozy, comfortable and dry. It's like the perfect winter day! 


Now of course getting the office to a consistent and comfortable temperature is like trying to solve the Rubiks cube with your eyes closed. It's like impossible, or so it would seem. We've long had the solution to that problem with the USB Heated Blanket. Just plug it into your computer and throw it around your shoulders or across your lap and it will keep you nice a warm throughout the day. Don't forget to bring in your heated mug from the office and use the USB cable that came with that to keep your coffee warm too. 


You'll use many of these things again for your trip home. And when you get there and are ready to sit down and relax after a busy day you can climb into bed and get all cozy and read a book by the light of your Book Rest Lamp




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