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2011 Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Father's Day is just around the corner so here are our gift ideas for Father's Day, there should be something for everyone on your list from the Golfer to the Executive to the BBQ'er.

Bottler Opener Fathers Day Gift

The Happy Hour Watch is a great looking watch with a leather band and analog time piece that you can use not only to tell the time but also to open your beer. Comes with either a Brown or Black band and different color face options. If this isn't quite the what you're looking for but it's the right gift idea then don't forget to check out our article 6 Great Gadgets to Open Your Beer.

BBQ Gift Idea



How about a BBQ Thermometer that talks? Just put in what your putting on the grill, Lamb, Chicken, Steak, whatever it is and the Wireless BBQ Therometer will tell you when the grill is ready and how long to cook your meat. It also works with the oven so buy it for him but get if for yourself.


Desk Gift Idea for Him

A great gift idea for an office, the Pit and Pendulim office gift is a very unique gift for him. It sits on a desk or shelf and when you swing the pendulum it makes awesome patterns in the pit of sand below. We've got several styles to choose from. So click through to see some pictures of the types of patterns it creates and a list of models we have available, we're sure to have one that will fit his office or room.


Golfers Gift Idea


Sure you've gotten him the golf accessories before but we lost those ball markers and the divot fixers and the keys to screw in those spikes on our shoes. Plus it's not like we can ever have enough gadgets for our hobbies. The 8-in-1 golf accessories tool has all those things I mentioned plus a few others that will come in handy that you don't get with other golf accessory gifts.


Tool Gift Idea for GuysI have to admit, when we first thought about ordering these I wasn't so sure they were a good product, they just seemed like one of those cheap gifts you get that puts things together because it's a good idea but in real life they just don't work together. Happily, I was wrong on this one. This tape measure with built-in calculator and notepad is a very solid implementation that is high quality and actually functional. It's been a very popular product with our customers and I'd recommend it if you've got a guy who's a tool guy.


Finally, if you haven't seen our section of the widest and funnest shaped Ice Cube Tray selection anywhere, you should check it out. These ice trays make great gifts and we have a wide variety to choose from.

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