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2012 Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day is just a few weeks away and if you're not sure what to get Mom we've got a few ideas that might work for you. Here are 6 gift ideas for Mother's Day.

Book Rest Lamp Mothers Day Gift

 Book Rest Lamp

If your mom likes to read this is a great gift. It's a reading light and place to put your book. Click the light on and grab your book and you've got a reading light. When you're done reading just place your book on the rest to save your page and click off the light. Functional, convenient and a nice sophisticated look.



Comic Strip Photo Frame Mothers Day Gift IdeaComic Strip Photo Frame

To make this gift special take some of your own photos and created you own comic strip. You could put pictures of you and pictures of the kids and then have each one saying happy mothers day in a different way. Or put pictures of you and your mom from a trip you took together and add your own words. The possibilities are endless and it will be a unique gift she'll never forget.


Hug A Mug Mothers Day Gift IdeaHug A Mug

Snuggle up with a hot cup of Coffee or Tea. This double-walled mug is perfect for the mom who likes a hot cup of coffee or tea. The mug will hold hot coffee or tea while your mom wraps her hands around the mug to warm them up. It the only mug that will warm her up inside and out.



USB Heated Blanket Mothers Day Gift IdeaUSB Heated Blanket

If your mom spends a fair amount of time at her computer then this is a good gift for her. The USB Heated Blanket is a warming blanket that plugs into a laptop or desktop computer. Perfect as a wrap around sholders or across the lap.


Woozie Mothers Day Gift Idea Woozie

If your mom likes a glass of wine from time to time, then this is a great mother'ss day gift idea. They keep your wine cool or at room temperature whichever you prefer and they avoid that wet condensation on the outside of the glass. We have 14 different styles to choose from.



Sun Jar Mother's Day Gift Idea

Sun Jar

The Sun Jar is a traditional mason jar that caputures light during the day and emits a warm glow of light by night. Perfect for that Kitchen window sill, garden table, any place a litte glow of light will bring that warm, cozy feeling.


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