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2012 Valentines Day Gift Ideas


Valentines Day, the day you profess your love to, well... the one you love. Sure, of course, you can get Flowers and Chocolate and go out to dinner but that is so cliche, so simple, so.... typical. It's time to take your Valentines Day Gift Giving it to the next level. You still want to get Flowers and Dinner but it's time to do something more, time to do something unique, personal and thoughtful. We've got what you need to make it happen, here are some ideas.

Creative, Personal Valentines Day Gifts

Valentines Day - Flash Drive Mix Tape

Mix Tape

Let's start with a modern twist on an old classic. The Mix Tape. You know, "your" songs on a cassette, or in this case a flash drive disguised as a cassette. Remember it's not just about the songs. What you write on the sleeve is just as important. The songs of course but hearts with arrows through them, the Jim + Tammy 4-ever, that type of stuff. Perfect for a gift before dinner at home, you can listen to the songs while you eat, or after dinner at home with a couple glasses of wine.

Valentines Day Gift Wooden Postcard

Wooden Postcard

Today carving your initials into a tree isn't as common as it used to be, I mean you'd probably get arrested if you did it at the local park or something. Plus you always move to a different town and, of course, you can't take the tree with you. Or worse the tree falls over in a snow storm, yikes - that can't be a good sign.

Well the Wooden Postcard can help with all that. Plus it works great as an invitation. Make reservations at their favorite restaurant. On the front address the postcard to your love and write an invitation for dinner. Do your personal carving with love on the back. Send it to them in the mail a week ahead of time. ... And don't forget the flowers.

Valentines Day Gift - Cardboard Radio

Cardboard Radio

Color it with love. You could color it with memorable dates - the date you first met, your first kiss, your anniversary (it would help to have something he can refer to and jog his memory), the birthday of your kid(s), your vacation to Jamaica. Or just color it with hearts or x's and o's. It doesn't really matter what you put as much as it matters you took the time and did it by hand and made it personal.

So color it with love and then take it with you for that picnic lunch or early afternoon dinner. You can listen to music while you eat and relax together.

(FM radio with cable to connect iPhone, iPod, etc.)

Valentines Day Gift - Comic Strip Photo Frame

Comic Strip Photo Frame

Tell your story. Take pictures you have of your time together and make your own comic strip. Profess your love for the first time, or the 1000th time, in a comic strip. Relive that trip to Florida and include those funny moments that made the trip memorable.




The Frame Wizard

If you're looking for something magical, we'll we've got it for you. The Frame Wizard lets you magically bring photo's to life. Take those photos of times you've shared together, the trip to the beach, that party at Tina's house, the two of you at the park. Imagine a photo where the two of you are standing on the slopes in your ski gear together and the snow is actually falling. It's a photo frame, and gift, unlike any other.

Gift it to them this year, animating those special photos of the two of you and update it with photos for their birthday, Mother's Day or Father's Day, and of Valentines Day.


At this point in our gift list is where the faint of heart should stop reading. All the gifts below this line are suggested for new commitments - like moving in or proposing, big steps.... read on if you dare, the ideas are fun and just might make you think of doing something you weren't thinking of doing in the first place.

Valentines Day Gift - Mr & Mrs Hangups


Mr & Mrs Hangups

Mr & Mrs Hangups, they say you're ready to share your space but not on a permanent basis. You have them over for dinner. You make something, have some wine, there are flowers and then you say you have a gift for them. A gift you have to show them. You take them to the bathroom, yes the bathroom, they'll be so curious. Then you show them where they can hang their towel.

Valentines Day Gift - His & Hers Keyholders  

His & Hers Keyholders

Now this gift really moves things to the next level. Same as before for the Mr & Mrs Hangups, you have them over for dinner. Make dinner, wine, candle light, flowers and then.... gifts. You're gift? A keyring with two keys on it, one that goes into the appropratie key holder in the His & Hers Keyholder set and the other to your place. Have the keyholders hung up before they get there and unveil them as part of your gift.

Valentines Day Gift - Diamond Ring Ice Cube Tray


Diamond Ring Ice Cube Trays

Yes it seems odd that the gift for the biggest possible occasion on our list is the least expensive one but look.... you're gonna need a real ring to make this one work. The ice cubes set the mood and give the hint or something more to come. In the end you're going to have to get down on one knee and have some real ice to follow up. But I'm pretty sure that when she tells the story of how you proposed, the Ring shaped ice cubes will be a part she includes every time she tells it.

And girls, not a bad way to drop a hint.......


Have a Happy Valentines Day, make it a memorable one.


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