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5 Things You Need for your Man Cave

 5 Things You Need for you Man Cave

Every guy needs a space in their home that’s dedicated to sports, beers, and video games. A room to help them escape the rigors of work, relax, and catch up on Breaking Bad. Apart from the obvious essentials (lazy boy, game console, flat screen TV, mini fridge), there are a ton of extras you can use to make your space truly yours. Check out our picks for the top 5 Man Cave must-haves!

1.      1.  Arm Rest Organizer

   Relaxing in your man cave takes a lot of supplies. You need snacks, drinks, the remote, a phone to check your fantasy stats, and somewhere to put all that stuff. The Arm Rest Organizer will fit any size arm rest and features six pockets and a table top perfect for resting your essentials while you unwind.


2.       2 .Umbra T-Shirt Frame

   Remember that autographed football jersey you’ve been cherishing for years? Or the T-Shirt from the best concert you’ve ever been to? Now you can display those prized possessions in your man cave with the Umbra T-Shirt frame. It’s the easiest way to show off your favorite T’s in style!



        3. Couchpal Media Holder

   Honestly, is there anything more annoying than losing the remote? Rather than spending the first 20 minutes of your favorite show digging through couch cushions, give your remote a home so you’ll never lose it again. The Couchpal Media Holder is a couch for your remote. So let that little guy take a load off too. We know he works hard for you!



4.       4. Double Pocket Pillow

   This pillow does a lot more than just sit on the couch. It has two deep, insulated pockets that will keep your belongings in place while you enjoy your man time. Use it to hold your beer, remote or phone, or turn it over and take a nice relaxing nap!



5.       5. Katana Bookends

   One last feature will really elevate your space to a gentleman’s sanctuary. These bookends are for the ninja in you. Magnetic inserts hold the ends of the katana blade in place so it looks like it’s piercing through your books or magazines. 


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