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About Us

Our Goal

Our Goal at Convenient Gadgets & Gifts is to bring you a unique selection of gadgets that make a unique gift. Aren't you tired of giving the same old gifts; shirts, books, gift certificates?

Our gadgets are geared at either helping you in your everyday life, in emergencies, or to just making you smile. We hope you find them so “convenient” or fun that you not only want to give one as a gift, but also want one for yourself too!


Our History was founded in April 2003 and was originally named Convenient Gadgets. In January 2007, the business was acquired and is now known as Convenient Gadgets & Gifts.


Our Products

We search all over the world to find you unique convenient gadget products, not only for guys, but also for women and kids. We bring you products from the United States, United Kingdom, and the far east.


We're sure you'll find a gift for everyone, or maybe just gift for yourself.



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