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Beer Pager - Biker

Beer Pager - Biker
Beer Pager - Biker
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Beer Pager - Biker


Few things can rile up a biker more than a lost beer. Sure, they may know every street in Sturgis, but what good does that do them when they misplace their suds? Support your local biker with this pager that lets rip a revving motorcycle engine at the click of a button.


He’ll love it! The Beer Pager Biker keeps your beer or soda cold and comes with a remote control and built in alarm, just in case it is misplaced. Requires 4 AAA batteries, not included.


Beer Pager - Biker:

  • Just press the button on the remote to locate your beer.
  • The beer koozie sounds just like a revving motorcycle engine.
  • Remote Activation up to 60 feet.
  • Unique belt-clip feature on remote.
  • Requires four (4) AAA Batteries. (Not included.)


The Story of the Beer Pager:

It began with a Memorial Day party when two friends set their beers down by the BBQ for a spirited game of Cornhole, a beanbag tossing game that builds quite a thirst. Parched, our heroes returned to the grill only to be confronted with 7 open beers. Tragically, they did not know which beer was their own.


In a life changing moment of inspiration, one of these men said, “If only beers came with alarms so we could beep em and find em, like when you lose your car in a parking lot.” This ingenious thought was greeted with hilarious laughter. Once the laughing died down the two men realized this was a gift that needed to be shared with the rest of the world.

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