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Broadsword Umbrella

Broadsword Umbrella
Broadsword Umbrella
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Broadsword Umbrella


The Broadsword Umbrella is the only way to defend yourself against the rain. Its massive handle looks like you could draw forth a blade and cleave the raindrops in twain before they even had a chance to hit the ground. No form of precipitation will mess with you when you are armed with a Broadsword Umbrella. Goes great with any business suit of armor or really, even just business casual chain mail.


Broadsword Umbrella:

  • Be ready to defend yourself against falling moisture in style.
  • Umbrella has a black exterior and a silver interior.
  • Push button opening.
  • Includes a carrying case with a shoulder strap - the umbrella's scabbard.
  • Two-handed handle is injection molded plastic with a metalized finish, wrapped with a leatherette grip.


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