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Changing Colors Candle Holder

Changing Colors Candle Holder
Changing Colors Candle Holder
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Changing Colors Candle Holder


From deep within Changing Colors Candle Holder, LED technology creates a slow moving rotation of all the colors in the rainbow. Watch as it changes from a stunning red to a bold blue to a delicate green – and to even more vibrant colors.

Changing Colors is the perfect touch to the garden, patio, table or room to create a soft atmosphere of changing illumination.

The candleholder is made from real wax which only enhances the strength of the changing colors and creates a genuine decorator’s touch as well. However, it won’t melt at all, so you don’t have to worry about changing or replacing Wicked Colors.


Soft candlelight
Nothing is as natural and romantic as candlelight. The candleholder features an opening on the top to place tea candles. With the light from the tea candle dancing in unison with the glowing array of colors from within, Wicked Colors is a welcome addition to any room or party.

Long lasting
Features an energy efficient design that ensures an extra long battery life. That means you’ll get to enjoy the parade of colors many times over.

A full spectrum of light and color
Turn your home into a living rainbow of color and light with this candleholder

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