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Classic Flimsee Frisbee Game Set

Classic Flimsee Frisbee Game Set
Classic Flimsee Frisbee Game Set
Classic Flimsee Frisbee Game Set
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Classic Flimsee Frisbee Game Set


Show everyone the basics of true Flimsee fun with this incredibly fun lawn game. Flimsee is a new game everyone should keep an eye out for. It is truly the best saucer tossing game for backyard play.


The original set that brought Flimsee to the masses. Each set includes: four full-length Flimsee Sticks, two Flimsee Discs, six Flimsee Cups, a stick coupling, one big nail for hard ground, and a drawstring bag.
Full-length Flimsee Sticks provide maximum flexibility and are recommended for tournament play. Use in combination with 175 gram discs for superior game intensity.


  • Score 2 points by throwing a Disc clean through the opponent’s Flimsee sticks, or 1 point by bouncing their cup(s) to the ground. The defensive objective is to prevent scoring by catching these cup(s) and protecting them from hitting the ground.


  • The Flimsee field is really any patch of grass where the sticks are poked 5″ into the ground in 16″ pairs and again 35′ away forming a rectangle. Place Flimsee Cups loosely atop each stick and prepare for either intense or casual fun.


Flimsee Set-Up Playing

Official Flimsee Cups Rules:

  • The team with the shortest player throws first. (1 on 1, or 2 on 2 )
  • Each player on the throwing team throws one disc. When they finish it is the other team’s turn.
  • On defense, players may not goal tend or touch sticks. On offense players must throw from behind the sticks
  • The offense earns TWO points by throwing a Flimsee Disc clean through the opponents Flimsee Sticks, below the highest point of the Flimsee Cups, and above the grass (note: If both players on a team send it clean through on a single turn, the discs are sent back)
  • The offense earns ONE point for each of their opponent’s Cups that are knocked to the ground, even if the disc does not make it on the fly.
  • The Defense can prevent scoring by catching the Cup(s) as they are bounced off the Flimsee Stick(s)
  • If there is any difference in setup or advantage to one side, teams must switch sides after one team scores six 6 points
  • Team without the shortest player gets the last throwing attempt
  • First team to twelve (12) points is the Winner!
  • Teams do not need to win by 2 and it becomes sudden death if opposing team reaches 12 points on final throw.
  • Have fun
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