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Cool Sack Can Cooler- 4 Pack

Cool Sack Can Cooler - 4 Pack
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Cool Sack Can Cooler - 4 Pack


The Cool Sack Can Cooler keeps drinks cold for hours at a fraction of the cost of other can coolers. The Cool Sack is lightweight and reusable so you can use it on as many drinks as you like. Each set contains four unique colors. (Purple, Lime, Blue and Pink)


Cool Sack Can Cooler - 4 Pack:

  • Will fit standard size beverage cans and cups.
  • Four attractive colors, so you know which drink is yours. (Purple, Lime, Blue and Pink)
  • Perfect to use indoor or outdoor.
  • Non-toxic liquid contents: Propylene glycol, purified water, and color powder.


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