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Dead Fred Pen Holder

Dead Fred Pen Holder
Dead Fred Pen Holder
Dead Fred Pen Holder
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Dead Fred Pen Holder


Feeling stressed and frustrated? Need someone to take your aggression out on? And somewhere to keep that pesky pen you keep losing under the edge of your computer keyboard? Well Dead Fred is the man for you!

Alleviate all that pent up aggression by violently and repeatedly stabbing Fred through the heart... and is if by magic there it is, just where you left it, your pen right at your fingertips - and your stress and frustration, vanished!

Dead Fred is a mildly macabre pen holder for people who revel in not taking life too seriously.


Made from soft silicone rubber he lies prostrate on your desk and makes a very natty home for your pen - after all, it’s mightier than the sword.

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