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Drunken Tower Shot Glass Game

Drunken Tower Shot Glass Game
Drunken Tower Shot Glass Game
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Drunken Tower Shot Glass Game


The Drunken Tower Shot Glass Game is the game of steady hands, big laughs and seeing double! We have all played the famous block stacking game "jenga" before, this is the same concept with a wild twist!
Each of the 60 wooden blocks has one of 15 challenging commands printed on it. Upon removing the block the person must read the block and the table or player must follow that command. After that challenge has been completed replace the block to the top of the pile and repeat until the tower comes down.

Drunken Tower Shot Glass Game - Gift

This game has proven to be an extreme challenge even sober, so just wait until you get a couple of notches on your belt! Each Drunken Tower game comes complete with 4 shot glasses, so just add liquor and play! Perfect for 2 to 4 players and is possibly the best party game out there! Play by the rules or create your own, either way you are sure to catch a buzz and have a blast.

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