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Flip Alarm Clock

Flip Alarm Clock
Flip Alarm Clock - Red
Flip Alarm Clock - Purple
Flip Alarm Clock - Gray
Flip Alarm Clock - Blue
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Eligible for Same Day Shipping, Order by 2pm ET(Eligible for Same Day Shipping, Order by 2pm ET)

 Flip Alarm Clock


The Flip Alarm Clock does away with complicated settings and makes turning your alarm on and off a breeze - Just flip it to the side you need! The large bold words On/Off on each side make it easy for you to know when your alarm clock is On or Off and the colorful, bright design of the Flip Alarm Clock make it a great piece for your night stand. 


The Flip Clock also features a built in light-up display that can be turned on by pressing the top of the clock on either side. Pressing the top of the clock will also snooze the alarm for you, so you can get that precious extra couple minutes of sleep!


Flip Alarm Clock:

  • Available in four (4) colors - Red, Blue, Gray, Purple. 
  • Always know when your alarm is on or off.
  • Bold, lightweight design.
  • Easy to set your alarm and adjust the time.
  • Requires 2 AA Battiers (Included!)


Flip Alarm Clock

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