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Giant Chess Pieces and Chess Board

Giant Garden Chess
Giant Garden Chess
Giant Garden Chess
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Giant Garden Chess Pieces and Chess Board


One of the world’s oldest and most popular games just got even bigger, literally! The Garden Chess Set is a whole new twist on this strategic board game. Each piece in this super-sized chess set is about four times larger than the traditional pieces; the smallest pawns are 8” tall while the kings stand about a foot off the ground!
The pieces are made out of durable PVC and are waterproof and UV protected, so they won’t weather if left outdoors. We offer two different types of boards for this set: the Garden Chess Mat (included) is made out of lightweight nylon and can be folded for easy transport and storage. The Garden Chess Board consists of 64 plastic tiles that can be assembled to form a durable and lawn friendly playing surface.
The Garden Chess Set is the perfect chess game for the beach, the park, or a backyard barbecue. Challenge a friend or hold a tournament with the whole gang; this chess set is four times the size and infinitely more fun!
Giant Garden Chess:
  • Classic game with a GIANT makeover!
  • Great for a beach, park or backyard.
  • One of our classic Yard Games.
  • Made of durable PVC.
  • Waterproof and UV protected.


Piece Measurements:

  • 2 x Kings - 12" in Height
  • 2 x Queens 11" in Height
  • 4 x Bishops 10" in Height
  • 4 x Knights 8.5" in Height
  • 4 x Rooks 8" in Height
  • 16 x Pawns 7.5" in Height
  • 1 x Garden Chess Mat
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