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Gift Ideas To Spark Their Creativity

Here are some gift ideas that let you, or them, get a little creative. The first one is the Paper Watch. Right away you might think; 'a Paper Watch' won't it just rip and break. The band on this watch is made of that really strong paper they use for those bands when you are going into a concert or a water park or something like that. So they don't break and you can write on it. 

Creative Gift - Paper Watch


Next up, the Cardboard Radio. It's an FM radio that also functions as a speaker for your cell phone or MP3 player. It comes with the batteries and cable you need for both the radio and MP3 playback. The sound is quite good and again, it's a gift that you, or they, can personalize.

Personalized Gift - Cardboad Radio

Finally, the Comic Strip Photo Frame. Take some photo's and make your own fun comic strip and gift. Or let them make thier own comic sript around their friends or boyfriend.

Valentines Gift - Comic Strip Photo Frame



These are great gifts for Birthdays, Christmas and Valentine's Day. For Valentine's Day, add your own special touch and give as a gift to your love.

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