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Gimmie Ball Putt Trainer

Gimmie Ball Putt Trainer

 Gimmie Ball Putt Trainer


Master your putting with the Gimmie Ball Putt Trainer! Get instant feedback whether or not you are bringing your putter through the ball square. This simple yet smart product is a great putting trainer.


The Gimmie Ball Putt Trainer is a hightly effective putting training aid. Because it is a cylinder shape instead of round, the putter blade conacts a flat service, instead of a single tiny putt. When putting with a real golf ball, it is almost impossible to tell if the face is a just a degree or two open or shut. The Gimmie Ball Putt Trainer exaggerates the effect of a putter being slightly open or shut, and tells you immediately if you are not square at impact.


Whenever the Gimmie ball turns left off the fact, it was closed. Whenever it goes right, the face was open. When the Gimmie Ball is struck perfectly square, it will travel straight! In no time, you will groove your stroke so that is square at impact every time!

The Gimmie ball is also great for what is called the "Sweep drill". If you ever watch pros warming up for a tournament, many place the face of the putter against the ball and "sweep" it into the hole. With a little practice, its easy to make shorts putts 100% of the time with this method...too bad its not legal! But, it is a great training method. It teaches the feeling we should get as our putter head stays square through impact and follows the ball right into the hole. The Gimmie Ball is great for this warm up or training drill.

For under $10, it hard to find any trainer that can improve your putting stroke like the Gimmie Ball. Give it a try knocking it around the living room for a week or two, and see if it doesn't square up your putter face, and make you a better, more confident putter.

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