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Hitch Critters

Hitch Critters
Hitch Critters - Bad Dog
Hitch Critters - Don't Shoot Deer
Hitch Critters - Wheelie Hog
Hitch Critters - Duck! Duck
Hitch Critters - Flopping Bass
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Hitch Critters


Add one of these hilarious Hitch Critters to your ride, and watch the smiles light-up in your rear-view mirror! Next time you've got some road ragers coming up behind you, inject some smiles with the laugh-riot comedy of these Hitch Critters. They fit over any two-inch hitch ball, and plug into your trailer lights. When you hit the brakes, your Hitch Critter goes into action. An easy way to add fun to any trip.


Hitch Critters come in five (5) different styles:


Bad Dog - Just hit the breaks and watch him shake like a stripper at a freezer convention.


Wheelie Hog - This gnarly character was born to be wild! Every time you hit the brakes, he'll be popping a wheelie for the amusement of the drivers behind you. The headlight on the bike is a functional brake light, for extra visibility.


Don't Stop Deer - When you brake, the "Don't Shoot" 12-point Buck raises its hands in surrender, while the target on its chest flashes red.


Duck! Duck - Duck! Duck raises it's wings and it's target lights up ever time you hit the brakes!


Flopping Bass - When braking, the tail flips back and forth like you just pulled it out of the lake!


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