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Home Gadget Gift Ideas

 Home gadget Gift Ideas

The Household section in our gift shop has a number of gadgets for your home. Here's a list of 10 of our favorite gadgets for around the house. Get them for your home or use them as gift ideas for housewarming or party gifts.


Cubby Wall Organizer Home Gadget Gift1) The Cubby Wall Organizer is stylish and functional. A perfect place for you keys, phone and sunglasses when you walk in the door and built in hooks for your jacket. A good looking espresso brown finish and polished silver hooks.




Hookaboo Home Gadget Gift2) Hookaboo, it's a modern coach rack. The coat hooks tuck away when you aren't using them and make for sharp peice of wall art. Made of Bamboo with bushed silver hooks. A great gift for the home that works in any room of the home. 




Magnetter Home Gadget3) The Magnetter is a key holder like you've never seen before. The hook are invisible, just put your key ring up next to the Magnetter and there you go. It also functions as a place where you can put any bills you want to put in the mailbox on the way out, or your reminder list for the day, or any work papers you don't want to forget, maybe a list of things for the kids to do when they get home. Again, in a nice dark espresso and a great gift for a home or even a dorm room.

Arm Rest Home Gadget Gift



4) Don't ask where the remote is, keep it in a handy place but more importantly, a small table for your chips and drink, milk and cookies, pretzels and beer. Great gift for a couch or chair.   

Monkey Door Hooks Home Gadget Gift Idea


5) These hooks are perfect for any room, especially the kids room or bath room. No nails or screws, just hang them over the back of the door and you have a hook for a coat, robe, towel, backpack, whatever you need. Look in our gift shop for more pics.

 Birdy Hooks Home Gadget Gift


 6) You'll be surprised at these hooks, you might think they're just simple coat hooks but they're more than that. They're also magnetic key holders. Definitely check out the additional pics in the household gadgets section. Fun and functionaly.


Accumulator Bank Home Gadget7) There is no more unique way to sock away your pocket change. As you put in quarters they stack up and over time you can see how much those quarters were worth in terms of things from today and yesterday. For $30 you can buy a 2 acre plot of land on the moon, $72 - a months salary of a surgeon in 1819. The Accumulator is a fun way to save some money. 




EOS Wireless iPhone Speakers Home Gadget8) We have one of these set up at our house, it's an awesome way to play the music from your iPod or iPhone all around the house. We have the base in the dining room and then one wireless speaker in the living room and another wireless speaker in the hall way up stairs. The sound is great and it's just cool having the music throughout the house without any wires at all. If you like to play music from your iPhone, I highly recommend this gadget for your home. 


Book Light Home Gadget9) We've highlighted the Book Rest Lamp before. It's just a very nice way to have a reading light that doesn't keep your significant other awake but gives you the light you need to read by. It's also a good idea for a kids room, they can read for a few minutes before they go to sleep then just put their book on the lamp and they have a night light for the night. 




Garden Charging Station Home Gadget10) Finally, one of our best sellers, the Garden Charging Station. It's a home gadget for your gadgets. Hides those messy cords and looks great whilie doing it. 


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