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j-me Horizontal Shoe Rack Shoe Shelf

Horizontal Shoe Rack - 28 Inch
Horizontal Shoe Rack - 48 Inch
Horizontal Shoe Rack
Horizontal Shoe Rack
Horizontal Shoe Rack - 28 Inch
Horizontal Shoe Rack - 48 Inch
Size & Color:

Horizontal Shoe Rack, Wall Mounted Shoe Rack


The Horizontal Shoe Rack offers a modern, stylish & convenient way of storing shoes. A shoe shelf that gives the appearance that shoes are floating off of the floor! If shoe storage is becoming a problem, this stylish shoe holder is the perfect solution. It comes in two (2) sizes: 28 inches and 48 inches and holds four (4) or seven (7) pairs of shoes respectively. The Horizontal Shoe Rack also comes in two (2) colors - brushed or white.



Horizontal Shoe Rack:

  • Made of stainless steel - brushed or white finish.
  • Shore storage suitable for mens, womens & childrens shoes.
  • Attach the wall mounted shoe rack using the two (2) supplied screws.
  • Available in 28 inch or 48 inch lengths.
  • 28 inch holds up to four (4) pairs of shoes.
  • 48 inch holds up to seven (7) pairs of shoes.
  • Designed by: j-me Original Design - London


Horizontal Shoe Rack

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