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How to Make Sphere Ice

 How to Make Spherical Ice Cubes


Ever pour yourself a cocktail and have the ice melt before you finish it? It happens to the best of us. If you don’t slug it back in two minutes flat, you’ll end up with a watery, lukewarm drink that you’ll probably end up dumping down the sink. What a waste! Over the past few years, trend-setting bars around the world have been switching from traditional ice cubes to a less typical option: ice spheres. Not only do spherical ice cubes look really cool, their smaller surface area means they melt slower so you can savor every last sip of your beverage. But, how do you make them? Here’s three methods you can use to make your own sphere ice at home.

Option 1: Carving

The round ice trend started in Japan where skilled bartenders would spend hours carving individual spheres for customers. Up until recently, this was the only method used to create perfect spherical ice cubes. Carving an ice ball out of a giant block of ice is tedious and strenuous, but not impossible. First, you start with a large cube of ice. Using a knife or ice pick, chip off the eight corners on the cube. Now you have a huge block with 24 corners. Continue chipping off the corners until there’s nothing left but round edges. Don’t believe that people actually do this? Check out this amazing video of an expert bartender in Seattle!  This is how the pros do it, but if you’re interested in keeping all your fingers it might not be the best option for you! 

Option 2: Melt Molding

-Many restaurants and bars around the country use a system called melt molding to create ice spheres. To do this, you need to purchase a mold designed to shape ice as it melts it. Start with a giant ice block and place it in between the top and bottom of the warm mold. Then, as the block gets pushed between the ends of the mold, the ice block will melt into a perfect sphere. This method is probably the easiest and fastest of the three, but it comes at a cost. Professional melt molds like this one from William Sonoma can cost more than $150! 

Option 3: Freeze Molding

-If you’re looking for the overall easiest and cheapest way to make spherical ice cubes, freeze molding is the way to go. There are a ton of different molds on the market that can help you make perfect ice spheres easily and cheaply. Here are a few of them:

Trays: The Spere Ice Ball Ice Cube Tray makes three 2 1/8 inch spheres and the Round Ice Cube Tray makes fourteen 1 inch spheres. To use, flood the bottom tray with water. Then, carefully push the top and bottom together to remove excess water and place in the freezer. If the top tray starts to float, secure them with rubber bands. This method works best for making higher volumes of ice, like for a party!


Single Molds: Another option is to purchase molds that create a single ice sphere at a time. Our single ice sphere molds make a slightly larger ball than the trays. These molds may not fit in a smaller glass, but they melt even slower because of their size.

The Whiskey Ball is a mold that creates a single 2 ½ inch ice sphere designed to fit perfectly in old fashioned whiskey glasses. To use, fill the mold with water through the small hole at the top. Be sure to leave about 20% of the mold empty to allow for the water to expand as it freezes. Once frozen, the silicon material makes it easy to remove and reveal your perfect sphere.

Another option is the Tovolo Ice Sphere. This mold, similar to the Whiskey Ball, creates one 2 ½ inch ice sphere. The benefit of this mold is that it has a flat top and bottom so you can stack multiple molds in your freezer without any tipping or leaking!

Fun Molds: In additional to all the basic sphere molds we’ve shown you, there are also a few on the market that are a little quirkier. Check out these fun ice sphere shapes for some added flair!


Death Star Ice Mold

Global Cooling Ice Mold

Golf Ball Ice Tray

Soccer Ball Ice Mold 

So there you have it. A fool-proof guide to making the coolest (literally) ice cubes around! Happy sipping!

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