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Katana Bookends

Katana Bookends
Katana Bookends
Katana Bookends
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Katana Bookends


To become a ninja takes more than just a black disguise. It takes time, practice, patience, and above all, knowledge. Knowledge is the greatest weapon of all. But, to obtain it you’ll have to do a lot of reading about ninja things like throwing stars and catching flies with chopsticks. And, of course, you’ll need a bold way to hold up those books, and that’s where the Katana Bookends come into play.


These katana sword shaped bookends give the illusion that you’ve sliced right through a stack of books. The secret is the hidden metal brackets that slip seamlessly into the covers of your books. The hilt and blade of the katana are actually magnets that get placed on either side of the books. If you’re gonna take a stab at the ninja lifestyle, these Katana Bookends are a must-have!


Katana Bookends:

  • Katana sword shaped bookends.
  • Great for holding up magazines, books, or DVDs.
  • Hidden metal brackets slip into the inside cover.
  • Plastic blade and hilt magnets create optical illusion.
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