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Kubb Lawn game

Kubb Lawn game
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Kubb Lawn game


The Original Viking Chess Game! KUBB, (pronuced koob) is also known as the Viking Chess Game, A cross between bocce ball and horse shoes, KUBB is a lawn game of skill and strategy. KUBB can be played in the grass, sand or snow, true to its Viking heritage. 


Handcrafted from solid hardwood. Great for parties and family gatherings; start your own KUBB tradition. Each set includes 10 Kubb (5.75" or 14.5cm tall x 1.8" or 4.8cm square) 4 corner stakes, 1 King (11.675" or 29.5cm tall x 2.25" or 6.75cm square), 6 batons (1.75" or 30cm X 1.125" or 2.8cm) and a carrying bag.


The basic object of Kubb is for one team to tip over all of the opposing team's Kubbs, and ultimately tip over the King. Whether you call it KUBB, Kubbe, or Viking Chess, it's lots of fun!

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