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LapEasle Laptop Document Holder

LapEasle Laptop Document Holder
LapEasle Laptop Document Holder
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LapEasle Laptop Document Holder


Turn any location into an organized work space with LapEasle Laptop Document Holder. No more bending and twisting your head and neck to view your documents! Now you can work comfortably and efficiently with LapEasle.


LapEasle Laptop Document Holder:

  • Easy to mount: Easy to remove
  • Leaves no residue
  • Eye level document viewing
  • Reduces eye and neck strain
  • Low profile: sleek design
  • Slides easily into laptop carry case
  • Great for travel


Instructions: Apply on a clean surface. Make sure the telescoping arm is not extended. Place one adhesive dot in each corner on the back of the unit. Remove remaining backing from the adhesive dots. With your LapEasle closed and facing you, center the LapEasle on the outer top surface. Leave 1/2" space between the edge of the laptop and your LapEasle. Apply gentle downward pressure for 15 seconds.


To Place Documents: With your laptop open, pull the top indented tab of your LapEasle upward and extend the telescoping arm to desired height. The telescoping arm locks into place in the fully extended position. To place documents on the telescoping arm, push the top tab forward from the back of the unit and insert a document under the tab. Upon release of the tab, the document will remain secure in place. After use, push in locking tabs on the extended unit while lowering the telescoping arm to close.


To Remove LapEasle: With your laptop in closed position, gently insert a plastic card (any credit/ID card will work) between the surface of your laptop and the LapEasle at each corner. The LapEasle will release from the laptop leaving no residue. To reapply LapEasle to a laptop, remove remaining adhesive from the back and use the replacement adhesives following the instructions above.

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