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Reindeer Poo in a Box - Grow Your Own Christmas Tree!

Reindeer Poo in a Box
Reindeer Poo in a Box
Reindeer Poo - Christmas Tree
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Reindeer Poo in a Box

Grow Your Own Christmas Tree From Reindeer Poo!


Yes, it's real Reindeer Poo! Reindeer Poo let's you create your very own Christmas Tree right out of the box!

In the wild, Reindeer eat and scatter a wide range of seeds in their dung, providing an ideal nutrient-rich place for young plants to grow. This dung is taken from UK zoos and safari parks and then is treated to make it germ and odor free.
Simply sow the seeds provided, water the box and watch the pine trees grow. When bigger, plant out in your garden or in a pot.
Stuck for that gift for someone that has everything? What could be more fun than growing a Christmas Tree from odorless Reindeer Poo! A perfect Stocking Stuffer for anyone!
Reindeer Poo in a Box:
  • Turn your Reindeer Poo into a real Christmas Tree!
  • The perfect stocking stuffer or christmas gift.
  • Treated to be germ and odor free.
  • Measures 3.5 x 2.5 x 2 inches.
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