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Sand Pictures

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Sand Pictures


Is your desk décor getting a little boring? Sand Pictures are sure to shake things up a bit in your cubicle. This beautiful piece of art will keep you entertained with its whimsical ever-changing designs.


Just rotate the wheel and a whole new picture will form in the sand. Swirls of tiny colored particles will fall into new form creating a captivating moving piece of art in motion. Once the sand has settled, just flip it over and watch a new masterpiece form. No two pictures will ever be the same! It’s both a fascinating and therapeutic object to have on your desk or in your home. This is a great gift for your boss or coworkers and will liven up even the most boring office space. Sand Pictures come in three colors: green, blue, and black.


Sand Pictures:

  • The perfect desk or office accessory.
  • No two pictures will ever be the same!
  • Great gift for boss or coworkers.
  • Three (3) colors available - black, green and blue.
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