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Shot Glass Gift Ideas

Shot Glass Gift Ideas

If you're looking for some shot glasses to give as a gift, maybe for a 21st Birthday Gift or Groomsmen Gifts or just to have for a party coming up, we'll we've go you covered. Here's a list of some of our best selling shot glasses and shot glass games to help narrow down the choices to something more manageable.

Best Selling Shot Glasses

Doomed Shot Glass     The Doomed Shot Glass is relatively new but hugely popular. The skull is set within the glass while the outside of the glass is a smooth round surface. Each glass comes individually packaged in a printed box. You automatically save 15% when you buy two or more.

 12 Gauge Shot Glasses    Called the 12 Gauge Shot Glasses these shot glasses are shaped like shot gun shells. Each shot glass is made of plastic with a brass bottom to prevent breakage. They come in a set of 4 shot glasses ind a printed packaged with a clear front so you can see the shotglasses in the packaging. An obvious gift idea for hunters and target shooters

Skull Shot Glasses     These Skull Shot Glasses come packaged in a set of 4. You can feel the contours of the 'skull' on the outside of the glass where as with the Doomed Shot Glasses the outside of the glass was smooth.



Newest Shot Glasses

Lab Shots Shot Glasses     The Lab Shots Shot Glasses, a little hard to see in this picture - so click through to see larger images, come in a set of 6 in a nice heavy plastic clear package. Each shot glass has a different piece of scientific equipment on it. We know how people can get pretty serious about their mixology and getting all 'mad scientist' about getting their concoction just right. If you know anyone like that then this is a gift for them.

Kiss Shot Glasses     A set of 6 Kiss Shot Glasses. One shot glass for each band member and two Kiss logo shot glasses. Clearly a gift for anyone who is a Kiss fan.

Marvel Comics Shot Glasses     Just in time for the upcoming Avengers movie the Marvel Comics Shot Glasses. A set of 6 shot glasses that are perfect for the opening night, midnight showing pre-party for the new movie. If you know anyone who can't wait to see this movie then this is the shot glass gift for them.


Shot Glass Games - Perfect for Parties

Drunken Tower Shot Glass Game     In the Drunken Tower Shot Glass Game each of 60 wooden blocks has a challenge on it. There are 15 different challenges. Upon removing a block the person must read the block and the table or player must follow that command. After that challenge has been completed the block is replaced at the top of the tower and the game repeats until the tower comes down.

Shot Glass Roulette Game     Everyone loves Roulette, except when you lose. Luckily in Shot Glass Roulette there are no losers. Spin the wheel and if you land on a number with a full shot glass, empty it and spin again. If not, it's someone else's spin.

Slurred Shot Glass Game     Slurred is a shot glass drinking game that is sure to get you toungue tied in no time. There's a few rules that you can chek out if you click through. Suffice it to say, you have to be quick to blurt out the right words and sometimes people say the funniest stuff. You'll be ROFL in no time!



There you have it, a simple list of shot glass gift ideas. If you don't see something you like here be sure to check out our full selection of fun and novelty shot glasses.



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