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Solarrific Solar Portable Power Supply

Solarrific Solar Portable Power Supply
Solarrific Solar Portable Power Supply
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Solarrific Solar Portable Power Supply


Charge most of today’s portable electronics, including smartphones/tablets, GPS navigators, MP3 Players, and many other electronic devices on the go with this high capacity 2000mAh Solarrific Solar Portable Power Supply.


Simply plug and play, and you will have several hours of extra battery juice to enjoy your portable electronics. The included 2000mAh power supply can be connected to any device via USB port - either with the included micro usb cable or your own charging cord.


When the battery starts running out, simply charge it by putting it under the sun, or plugging it at night.


Package Contents:

  • 4W Solar Panel with USB port
  • 2000mAh External Mobile Battery
  • Matching Water Resistant Pouch
  • (1) One USB/Micro USB Cable and an adapter tip for Iphone 5.



  • Solar panel charges mobile phones directly from the USB port, Power Output: DC5V, 600mA.
  • For devices such as iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, that will automatically shut off itself from irregular current, they can be charged from the external battery included.
  • Simple and sleek, laminated with high strength, water-resistant fabric.
  • Lightweight and slim, solar panel weighs only 7 ounces. Easy to carry in a briefcase or on a backpack.
  • For additional information on the external battery, please check Solarrific C5015.
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