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Eligible for Same Day Shipping, Order by 2pm ET(Eligible for Same Day Shipping, Order by 2pm ET)



Sometimes in life something comes out that is so revolutionary its name becomes synonymous with the job it does, eg. hoovering or googling. Other times a product comes along that completely replaces whatever was 'normal' before it – like the motor car replacing the horse … when was the last time you saw a lady riding side saddle on the M1?! We aren't trying to boast, but the Stampler could be the next big thing in both regards … It looks and works like a normal stapler – but has an added attachment that prints a smiling face design at the same time.


Stampler ProductSpecifications:

  • Staples paper and prints a red “smiley” face stamp
  • The staple serves as the not-so-smiley mouth
  • Around the face, text reads HAVE A NICE DAY (in whatever tone of voice you choose)
  • Pre-inked red stamp will last for 3000-5000 stamplings
  • Uses standard sized staples (not included)
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