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Tape Gun

Tape Gun
Tape Gun
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Tape Gun


Sticky trigger finger? Than get your hands on our sharp shooting tape gun, it works just like a normal tape dispenser but word on the street is that you’ll earn mucho respect when you’re laying down your stuff and sealing the deal.


Wrapping presents isn't the most manly of tasks, but now the art of sticking has been taken to a whole new level! The Tape Gun is a sellotape dispenser disguised as a toy gun.


If you are looking for novelty gift ideas to liven up your stationery cupboard, look no further than our hilarious Tape Gun. It includes 2 roles of sticky tape and tons of attitude. If wrapping a present leaves you shaken and stirred, this awesome Tape Gun will bring out the 'Double 0 Cello' in you!


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