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Target Alarm Clock

Target Alarm Clock
Target Alarm Clock
Target Alarm Clock
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Target Alarm Clock


The Target Alarm Clock is an alarm clock that requires a shot to hit the bullseye to shut it up.


The clock was created to solve the problem of people not getting out of bed. By creating something with a loud noise that doesn't have a regular snooze button, the aim is to force you to get of bed and accomplish a task. This laser target alarm clock certainly achieves that as high accuracy is needed just as you wake to keep the thing quiet.


Target Alarm Clock Features:

  • Record and use your favorite tune as the sound of your alarm.
  • Easy mode - you must make 1 hit, Hard mode - you must make 5 hits.
  • Clear Display.
  • Includes 2 shooting games for added enjoyment.
  • 6 AA batteries required. (Not included.)


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