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The Unstoppable Pen

Unstoppable Pen
Unstoppable Pen
Unstoppable Pen
Unstoppable Pen
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The Unstoppable Pen


Unstoppable. That’s the only way to describe this pen.

Fabricated from high-strength aerospace-grade materials this pen will write in any condition; wet, dry, at any angle, any temperature, any altitude. It’s watertight and lightweight and encased in stainless steel.

Attach it to your keys, computer bag, backpack or purse and slip out the pen when you need it. Or, attach the ends together to use it as a regular size pen.

It won’t break and you can count on it to write for you every time and it's guaranteed for life.


Unstoppable Pen Features:

  • This pen is fabricated from high-strength aerospace-grade materials; Carbon Fiber and 304 Stainless Steel
  • Watertight and Lightweight
  • Keychain included
  • Integrated PDA stylus included
  • Lifetime warranty


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