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USB Gadgets Gifts


There's a ton of USB Gadgets out there. We've compiled a list of our most popular USB Gadgets for you. 

The USB Computer Mini Vac 

USB Computer Mini-Vac Gadget


Ever take your keyboard and turn it upside down and see what comes out? Yuk. You can use this mini vacuum to clean between the keys. Comes with a a nozzle to get in between the keys and a brush that can also brush between the keys while it vacuums. $9.95 


The USB Drink Chiller and Warmer


Sure you might have seen a USB Drink Warmer before, to keep your coffee hot. But this one can also keep your soda cold. A good USB gadget for your office or dorm and makes a good gift too. $21.95




USB Mailbox Notifier

USB Email Notifier GadgetSometimes when I'm  waiting for an important email, I'll have my laptop out and walk by it ever 5 minutes and hit refresh just to see if it's arrived. I don't want to but I do, I need to, I have to know as soon as it comes in. Well this USB Gadget can help avoid that. It lets you know when new email arrives with sight and sound. It works with Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook, Microsoft Live/Hotmail and other POP3 accounts, so yes it will work with your email account. $21.95 


USB Heated Blanket

USB Heated Blanket GadgetThe USB Heated Blanket is an annual best seller. It's simple, the office is always cold, it's a known fact it's almost universal. So, the USB Heated Blanket is here. You can put it over your shoulders, or across your lap or drape on the back of your chair. A really great gift. $28.95



USB Car Mice

USB Car Mouse GadgetWe have one of the best selections of USB Car Mice around. From Camaros to Mustangs to Police Cars we've got em. These Mice are really stylish and are gifts that they'll use every day. They really are high quality, good looking gifts.They're also available as wireless. $29.95 to $44.95



 So there you have it. A quick list of USB Gadgets that make great gifts and that you probably want for yourself too. 

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