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Zombie Family Car Stickers

Zombie Family Car Stickers
Zombie Family Car Stickers
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Zombie Family Car Stickers


There’s nothing cornier than decorating your minivan with bumper stickers that slightly resemble your family. The family unit will become obsolete after zombies take over the world anyway, so why not show your preparedness for the apocalypse with Zombie Family Car Stickers. This set of undead decals comes with five (5) sheets of stickers so you can customize your vehicle to show your family’s true form. With fifty-two (52) stickers in all, you’ll have enough to portray your spouse, kids, grandkids, pets, cousins, and even a few unidentified severed body parts. These spooky stickers are sure to scare the lame stick figures off your neighbors back window and into the house where they’ll be safe…for a little while.


Zombie Family Car Stickers:

  • Scare those lame stick familes off your neighbors cars!
  • Includes five (5) sheets with fifty-two (52) total stickers.
  • Easy to add and remove from your vehicle.


Stickers Included:
  • Four (4) adult males
  • Four (4) adult females
  • Four (4) boys
  • Four (4) girls
  • Two (2) babies
  • Two (2) cats
  • Two (2) dogs
  • One (1) severed foot
  • One (1) severed hand
  • One (1) disembodied brain
  • One (1) burial plot


Please note that you get double the quanitity shown - half plain and half with blood spatter!

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