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Round Ice Cube Tray

Round Ice Cube Trays

Round ice cube trays come in a number of different sizes. There are small round ice cube trays and there are large round ice cube trays and they come in a variety of different sizes of ice cubes per tray. There are even some round ice cube trays with a little for flair, like say the Star Wars Death Star or the Earth. Below we've curated all of the various round ice cube trays that we offer.

We've got small round ice cube trays that make either 14 or 24 ice cubes. We have two different large ball round ice cube trays to choose from, one makes 3 ice cubes the other makes 2 but with individual molds. We've included Chill Balls which are resuable round ice cubes specifically made for keeping wine cool in your glass without watering it down. We've got the large round Death Star or Earth. Finally, we've also included a few that have a similar concept - one large ice cube per drink - but with a twist, such as the giant zombie hand, the football and the heart. 

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