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The Useless Box Fully Assembled

The Convenient Gadgets & Gifts Exclusive 'Red Eye' Version. Flip a switch and launch your very own nuclear attack with the Useless Box. Well, actually, turn the Useless Box on and this clever box turns itself off. That's right, experience endless, useless fun with the fully assembled Useless Box.


Cassette Tape Dispenser

This easy to use tape dispenser is in the shape of a cassette tape. We'd like to see them try to pull this off with a CD! Mix things up at your desk and pay homage to the beloved cassette tape of the 70s and 80s with this heavy duty, lighthearted rubber desk accessory.


GlowThreads - UV Light Laser Shirt

This is the coolest and most unique shirt you will ever own! Draw and create custom glowing designs on the GlowThreads T-Shirt using the included Mini UV Light. By touching the Mini UV light to the shirt, you are able to create glowing designs that last 30-45 seconds than disappear. A very unique gadget gift.



Motion Activated Toilet Night Light : Lav Nav

Never argue over the toilet seat again! The His and Her Motion Activated Toilet Night Light, also know as the Lav Nav, using its hi-tech infrared motion sensor, sees you approaching in the dark and instantly illuminates the toilet area with gentle color-coded lighting.


8 in 1 Golfer's Tool

The 8 in 1 Golfer's Tool has everything you'll need. Whether you are an expert golfer, or if your handicap is not where you want it to be, you'll be sure not to slow down your game looking for your golf paraphernalia, because you'll have it handy in the 8 in 1 Golfer's Tool Key Ring.


Cozy Remote Control Caddy

No more searching for your remote controls, now you can have a home for them all with the Cozy Remote Control Caddy. Constructed of non slip rubber this eye-catching designer caddy stores up to four (4) remote controls. One of our many gift gadgets.



His and Her Key Holders

The contemporary design of the His and Her Key Holders incorporates a male and a female form, which is raised up against its background forming an interesting design aspect and clearly identifying who’s keys are whose!


Star Wars Death Star 3D Ice Cube Mold

Each Star Wars Death Star 3D Ice Cube Mold makes one (1) 3D ice cube in the shape of the first Death Star based on its appearance in Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope.


Gem Jubilee Candles

This is more than just a scented candle - as you burn the wick, your space will be filled with the soothing aromas of vanilla or cinnamon. As the wax melts away, you may just catch a glimpse of something a sparkly! One in fifty of these candles contains a gemstone worth at least $150.



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